Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Entering New Life Phase

Dear Blog,

I know dat dah lama x post anything to u...yeah..currently being kinda busy with my wedding preparation...10 more days n counting..gile beb...n im still busy with job..job..job..n job..LOL..Next month da jadi bini orang..hehe seriuosly aku mixed feeling sgt2..haha..happy ada..cuak ada..risau pun ada...haha..hope everything went well..insya allah...

Since pas ni dah enter into new life phases..yeah everything will change..pasni dah kena devote time for husband n da x bole da nak gile keje sesangat..but u know..not many ppl in consulting firm understand this coz diaorg bukannya ramai yg kawen i thought of changing job after this...

Hmmm..but for how long ye nak keje jadi tax person????...forever ke..oh no...=(...although i love tax (sebab i nak find way how to evade tax)...but i actually lagi eager nak start business sendiri..but i know its not easy to start ur own business..kang silap2 sebulan dua dah bungkus it doesnt matter la coz failure is a very good teacher...

Hehe i come up with an idea to open a shop called "Stingy Shop" haha a.k.a kedai si kedekut...hehe aku nak jual benda2 murah je kat lum jumpa lagi business model dia mcmana...hope t leh come up with a brilliant idea hehe...yeah i think we should try to be our own boss..being a salaryman forever may not be good..haha

Ok dah melalut byk sgt...finally i hope my wedding went well n kitaorg plan nak honeymoon kat Segamat hehe...back to the place where we've first met =)


Cam x caye dah nak kawen =')
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