Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Happy Me!

Halloo..i found this traits on a website called is damn good and i feels like sharing it here in my blog..yup..i'm totally agree with all the things listed below..and the main point is highlighted ya huhu..hope that we can always remember all of these so that we can live a positive life and still be happy during this turbulent time. Peace!

Happy?..hurmm..Lets start thinking how to strategise our happines =)

  1. Believe they can be happy. About 40% of our happiness is based on intentional behavior.
  2. Change up their routine to consciously vary what they do. Though some people do thrive on routine, it can lead to monotony and boredom, whereas variety and novelty can lead to greater happiness.
  3. Don't blame genetics. Only 50% of our happiness is linked to our genes.
  4. Accept that change is imminent and one of the only certainties in life.
  5. Exercise! Cardiovascular activity is among the best releasers of dopamine, the "happy hormone." They have fun while they exercise, too.
  6. Spend time in "real life," and they keep their online "life" in perspective. They take time to cultivate relationships outside of social media.  
  7. Recognize that you can get "stuck" in positive habits, just as you can in negative ones. Whether you struggle with emotional eating, fat talk or a general sense of pessimism, you can change your habits and increase your happiness.
  8. Accept that building happier habits takes time. William James, the renowned Harvard University psychology professor, said that it takes 21 days to create a habit for life.
  9. Understand that joy—from adopting a kitten, reaching a goal weight or getting a raise—eventually dissipates, but it can be renewed again and again.
  10. Accept that bad things happen, but bad things won't affect their lives for as long as they think they will. Happy people know that no matter what happens in their lives, they will survive and thrive. 
  11. Know that good things will also happen—-and that even good things affect our lives less in the long run than we think they will.
  12. Know happiness isn't based on social status, a job or even health. These things account for only 10% in people's differences in happiness, experts say.
  13. Do things for themselves, not just for others. "Happiness does not consist in things themselves but in the relish we have of them; and a man has attained it when he enjoys what he loves and desires himself, and not what other people think lovely and desirable." —La Rochefoucauld
  14. Understand that when things go really, really wrong, people often thrive. They suffer, yes, but they react, take action, and move on.
  15. See misfortune not as something they deserve due to a past transgression, but as just another part of life. A crisis becomes an opportunity for growth or significant change.
  16. Know that focusing on extrinsic factors like money and success often leads to anxiety and depression, not happiness.
  17. Don't sit back and wait for happiness to happen. "The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself." —Benjamin Franklin
  18. Are grateful. A University of Pennsylvania professor taught a single happiness-enhancing strategy to a group of severely depressed people: Log on to a website and write down three good things that happened to them that day, no matter how simple or trivial they seemed. Within 15 days, depression levels went from severe to mildly/moderately depressed, and 94% experienced relief.
  19. Say nice things about other people. They limit gossip, avoid name calling and understand that words can wound as deeply as a sword.
  20. Laugh—even at themselves—and they find humor in most situations, when appropriate.
  21. Don't worry about what other people think. They do their best to cultivate self-confidence.
  22. Know that happiness isn't commensurate with one's income. Studies have found that those earning tens of millions of dollars are only slightly happier than those who are in the working class.
  23. Understand that no other person will increase their happiness. Married people are only slightly happier than single people, according to one study.
  24. Believe in themselves, which can increase life satisfaction by about 40%.
  25. Watch less TV. Tuning in has been linked to an increased desire for material possessions, and every hour you watch leads to a lower level of contentment.
  26. Know what happiness is not. According to Buddhist philosophy, happiness is not dependent on an object or events, which eventually go away and replace a happy feeling with a sad one. It depends on a state of mind that feels those transitory emotions but also understands that change is life's only certainty.
  27. Can differentiate between pleasure and happiness. In his book "The Art of Happiness," His Holiness the Dalai Lama explains the difference between happiness and pleasure, which are easily confused: "True happiness relates more to the mind and heart. Happiness that depends on physical pleasure is unstable; one day it's there, the next day it may not be."
  28. Question their intentions when faced with a dilemma. They ask themselves, "Will this bring me pleasure, or will it bring me happiness?"
  29. Spend time with family and friends whenever possible.
  30. Understand karma not to be punishment for one wrong decision. If they choose to believe in it, they understand it to be the sum of your actions and not the universe seeking revenge.
  31. Are as optimistic as possible, while still being realistic.
  32. Cultivate a sense of purpose, whether through religion or spirituality, a hobby family, or a career that satisfies them.
  33. Live in the present, not dwelling too much on the past or worrying about the future.
  34. Appreciate what they have and don't worry about what is lacking.
  35. Don't compare themselves to others, and they accept that they are unique.
  36. Don't hold grudges, but instead choose to forgive.
  37. Are not jealous of what others have, and they feel joy for the success and prosperity of those they hold dear.
  38. Spend time in nature. A 2013 study published in the journal Psychological Science found that spending even a short amount of time in nature, such as visiting a city park, improved people's moods and mental well-being.
  39. Tell others how they feel and are not afraid to express their emotions.
  40. Appreciate life and retain a "beginner's mind," meaning they don't lose sight of the wonderment of life, and they aren't afraid to show excitement, be it a brilliant sunset or a random encounter with a loved one.
  41. Take part in something they believe in, whether it's a church activity, a social club or a group that shares their passion for a certain cause.
  42. Surround themselves with happy people. Joy begets joy. By sharing their bliss and surrounding themselves with other happy people, they create a virtuous cycle of happiness.
  43. Get creative with problem solving. They don't get defeated by life's problems, and they don't wait around for someone else to solve their problems.
  44. Invest in relationships, even when times are tough. They help their loved ones through rough patches, just as they support them when things are going well.
  45. Eat well, choosing healthful foods that nourish their body and fuel them through their daily lives. They indulge in moderation, and they try not to use food as a way to cope with emotions.
  46. Take responsibility for their successes and their mistakes.
  47. Don't sweat the small stuff. They pause and reflect before reacting to situations that might not matter in a day, a month, or even a year.  
  48. Take pride in their work, but they also strike a balance. Japan, for example, is the least happy of wealthy industrialized nations but its citizens work among the longest hours.
  49. Meditate. Meditation can help you increase your happiness level and for longer periods of time. (Some studies have shown it can help even more than taking anti-depressants for some people.)
  50. Apply a Goldilocks philosophy to life. “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” —Socrates
  51. Never stop learning—about themselves and about topics that interest them.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Happy Day!

Halluuuuuu... today i'm sooo happy.. yuuhuuuu... wanna know why??? haaha i think i should save this date to be remembered as one of unforgettable life moments ..huhu i got an increment!!!! hahaha in the midst of seeking for other job opportunity i suddenly got an increment...adeehhh haha such a mixed feelings..happy ada..lawak pun ade..apapun syukur sangat2..Thank U Allah..(~^_^~)..but for sure pas ni lagi banyak keje..hehe hope aku leh manage..Chaiyokkkk!!!!
Call me Mr. Happy =)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Meowww Exhibition (~^_^~)

Ollaaaa...last saturday aku g pameran kucing with my fiancee secara tetiba kat SACC Mall Shah Alam..nape secara tetiba? actually aku x  aware pun yang kat SACC tu ada pameran kucing..nak singgah kejap je sebab nak enjoy free goods..air-conds heee..tau2 kat ctu tgh ada pameran meoww lak...haaa best! sib baik x histeria time tu...
Pameran kucing tu Kelab Kucing Malaysia yang anjurkan..if aku x silap la..since da leka tgk kucing before nak balik baru aku cek sape yg organize..hehe..banyak gile kucing yang diaorg pamer..coooomeeeellllllll awww! haha
Masa aku sampai tu diaorg baru start letak kucing dalam sangkar dia..soo banyak lagi cage yang kosong...even x sume cage penuh..but itupun da cukup utk wat aku jadi gile..haha comellllllll gilee gabannnn kucing2 dalam sangkar ni..wahaha kan best kalo bole bawak balik huhu

Macam3 baka ada taw..persian, american curl, bengal, sphinx bla bla bla...time dalam sangkar..ada yang aggresif..but mostly sumenye tidoo LOL! maybe kucing mahal dan jual mahal memang xleh dipisahkan kot..haha..lets check out gambar kat bawah ni..

Dalam banyak2 meow..aku paling suke seko persian ni..meow ni asyik nk bukak pintu cage je..huhu ciann dia..bila da penat try t dia meow2 mintak tlb bukak..heee..if only aku leh bukak cage tu..komfem aku bawak kaw balik..huhu 

Kat ctu ada gak jualan barang2 kucing..daripada makanan sampai ke rumput kucing pun ader..hehe kiranya complete la souvenir aku beli giant sticker Doraemon ni...hehe girls yang jual ni jualan amal untuk kumpul fund for helping stray cats..kiranya aku beli sambil menderma la ni huhu
Tapi susah jugak sebenarnya nak snap gambar2 meow ni..diaorg bukan reti nak tengok camera !@#$% penat aku meow2 kat diaorg..haha could u just imagine each cage aku g aku meow2 kat kucing2 ni suruh tgk kamera..end up aku ilang suara tp kucing2 tu x tgk pun..sambung tido ade la (+_+) adehh..last2 aku amik gambo ngan banner je TROLOLOL..
Haha apapun enjoy gile la seharian bermeow2 ngan kucing2 ni..sayang baka scottish fold yg macam Maru xde =( if ade, i wont feel hesitate to curik dia huhuhu!  Hope t bila2 leh g pameran moew ni lagi.


Monday, 6 January 2014 Ahead!

Assalam n Good Morning to my beloved Meoww Baw Baw (~^_^~)..pejam celik pejam celik dah 2014 rupanya..huhu cepat betul masa berlalu..n taw2 umur sekarang dah 24! mak oii da tua rupanya beta..haha..tahun lepas macam2 event besar happen dalam idup aku..yup tahun lepas start my first job..macam2 peristiwa bittersweetsour sume aku rasa kat KPMG ni..haha..n tak lupe jugak last december aku dah engaged! huhu happy sgt2..haa cane lak ngan tahun ni? aku da list up sume azam untuk tahun ni yang aku nak capai..

Improve Iman Inside =) la yang paling super duper penting..actually ni bukan je azam..but manusia aku x bole lari dari fluctuation of faith level..(bukan share price je fluctuate taw)..yup..kadang2 bila leka solat pun ke laut %$^&**...nak puasa kadang2 rajin..kadang2 malas..ish ish..solat tahajud pun da lama sangat tinggal...teruk nye la aku untuk tahun ni aku hope sangat dapat jadi hamba yang lebih baik berbanding tahun lepas...aku berazam nak jaga solat, puasa, ngaji, and x lupe gak bayar zakat..Ya Allah..permudahkanlah jalan ku dalam mencari-Mu..Aminnn (~^_^)

Settle lesen n grab my car!
Haa yang ni sepatutnya jadi azam tahun lepas..tapi pending sampai sekarang..adehhh !@#$%^ haha mcm2 masalah pasal lesen aku ni...blaja x pandai2...sume garisan, tiang aku langgar (sib baik x langgar orang!).  Maybe sebab kepala aku serabut sangat time tu..xleh nak focus.  So aku hope tahun ni aku bole dapatkan lesen n beli keta..duit deposit keta dah berhabuk dalam bank tp x dapat lagi nak beli keta sebab lesen x dapat2..adehh..hope sangat la tahun ni dapat beli keta..Abah aku pun da bising sebab risau tgk aku naik bas ke hulu ke hilir....aku pun sedih gak kadang2..member2 sume dah ada keta..aku je naik xpela..aku percaya Allah is the awesome planner and mesti ada reason nape Dia nak aku susah dat i'll be stronger..(~^_^)..yang penting aku x bole putus asa..Chaiyooo!!!!

Kursus Kawen & Wedding Preparation
Haaa yang ni pun azam aku yg sangat besar untuk tahun ni..prepare utk kawen..dengar macam seronok..tapi sebenarnya banyak nk kena wat..kursus kawen..isi borang..medical check up..sume la..x masuk utk majlis kawen lagi..adehhh..banyak nye..hope sangat aku bole manage sume ni n sume urusan dipermudahkan..Aminnnn

Improve Health level
Kesihatan pun jadi salah satu azam aku tahun ni..tahun lepas health aku agak teruk gak la..selalu demam..and dapat allergi kulit yang berpanjangan..adehhh..azab sangat2 taw (T_T.) utk tahun ni aku hope sgt x jadi order to do that aku kenalah jaga makan n kebersihan..hope sangat dapat elak lagi penyakit2 dari hinggap kat bdn..untung2 jaga makan badan bole kurus ckit..huhu da nak kawen..kena la jaga penampilan ckit..huhu da x bole dah nak pakai baju cam minah serabut LOL!

Save, Save, and Save!
BERJIMATTTT....penting sesangat..even aku bukan jenis yang shopping sakan...tapi bila makin banyak savings dalam bank makin la kena la..nak kumpul 10,000 pun dekat setahun kena simpan duit...n believe me if x manage betul2..less than a second kita bole spend 10,000 ni if x fikir betul2..ish ish xmau la jadi mcm tu..t bila da ada keta..spending akan jadi haru biru sebab keta makan banyak duit..soo aku kena la simpan banyak dari sekarang. So kita kena la menekankan third theory of holding money which is precautionary! (da mcm lecturer economy!@#$%)

Work Hard!=)
Next is about career...tahun ni aku hope bole perform better..aku x hope for promotion long as keje aku ok is enough..lagipun maybe tahun ni je kot keje KPMG..pas kawen nak pindah keje yang dekat ngan klang..PJ jauh sangat la..sesak lak tu..huhu hope aku bole perform yang terbaik utk KPMG tahun ni..sebab pas ni i'll say good bye to KPMG =)..keje kat cni ok..gaji pun ok..cuma yang heavy is dia punye work load..agak banyak la sampai weekend pun wat keje ofis..for those yang single is ok..but utk yg berkeluarga agak susah la..senior aku yang da keje 6 thn pun berenti sebab dapat offer lain..lagipun anak dia da 2..dia kena fokus kat anak2 jugak..hmmm..maybe aku pun jadi camtu gak..maybe la...apapun before aku tukar kerja..hope aku bole siapkan sume job yang dah di assign kat aku..xmau la cabut mcm nak lari dari kerja je....chaiyokkk!!!

Dats all for now..hope everything going to be alright..Insya Allah..