Tuesday, 29 October 2013

What is your kind? (~^_^~)

Hi..several months ago (really cant remember when =P)  i attended a training by my "lovely" company on different types of first i thought this training is boring and i will have a chance to have a sleeping spree all day..ahakk..but i was is quite i decide to share it with everyone =) 

So from that training i discovered 4 types of personality..which i think is very common among us that we sometime not even realize all of this....
Those who are goal oriented, always aims for completion...for this kind of people..they have set a mindset of..finish your work first only than u can seriously..(>_<)
Refer to those people who love to be under the spotlight..aka publicity..huhu..they love to express their idea verbally and need people to listen to them..Plus, they need recognition for their effort.
Mr. & Ms. Simple..that's how i address them.  This kind of people tend to take things lightly..but it doesn't mean that they are not serious..they to say...take it easy man..everything can be handle..
Super duper organized person…usually those who are a silent intelligent...always stay calm but have everything in control...good management skills and have eyes for detail..

Haaa...puhh penat gile speaking..hehe macam tu la jenis orang yg ade kat dunia ni..usually memang xde org yg perfect pun kat dunia ni..mcm personality ni jugak..contohnye D person missed out details..I person suke implementation slow..S person rilex sgt sampai bole wat org ada impression..bole caye ke ngan dia ni (<_>)..haha n C person lak..memang if too silent..dia tend to keep everything untuk diri dia je..huhu

So…based on aku punye own opinion la...attitude personality C is the best la kalau kita nak success…tp personality lain pun penting jugak..mcm D bole jadi leader..I bole influence org…S pulak bole jadi someone yg pacify stress situation…huhu so if combine C ngan yg lain..insya allah kita bole success…yg penting..niat kita baik k (^_^~)

I am D! Peace yo!