Friday, 30 November 2012

Mr N Mrs Moeww

Assalam =) n Hi....

I'm a Cat Person =D

Today i really like to rewind some of my memories during my ACCA year in UITM Shah Alam...i used to spend my weekend to revise in 24 hour room in Menara Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah from dusk till dawn...(^_^'')...all of the time i will study together with my boyfriend, Mr Syafiq Azmi who is a student of economics. Even though we are not in the same courses but he love to discuss and share information about current issues that is very helpful to me as i am RARELY read newspaper instead of K-POP magazine...huhu 

Apart from studying, we also have a life saving mission =) which is feeding any stray cats that we found around the area of Menara SAAS...all of this happen because both of us are CAT FREAK =)...Another reasons why we do this are because there a plenty of stray cats wondering around the area and most likelye to be starving every weekend as the cafe in Menara is closed and there will be no leftovers for them (~_~)...
......but now no worries Kitty,,,your heroes come to the rescue!!!! =)

Mr n Mrs Meoww

We start off our day with buying the cats supplies..all of the costs will be divided equally between us =)..i used to buy both the dried n wet food from the Whiskas brand as the price is affordable by students like us and we want to feed the bests for all the stray cats as we notice that stray cats used to eat anything that they found to survive eventhough the foods are contaminated.

Ready for the mission =)

Later then we start to feed any stray cats that we are some pictures that we snap during our  meow saving mission =)

We enjoy our mission sooooo muchhhh =) huhu we loves cats! Some of them are really friendly but some of them tend to be scared of human and make it difficult for us to feed what we can do is just put the food in a corner and leave as they will eat out of our presence...

Cats are one of the most special creature created by Allah...we realize that after a several mission, some cats tend to recognize us and be very playful to of them is CINGKU =0...Cingku has been very friendly to us and sometimes tend to follow anywhere that we go and also be part of our discussion group (^_^'')

 there goes my bag pack (+_=)

We really hope that we could continue our mission for foreseeable future...its not only a noble work but also in accordance to what our Prophet Muhammad has told us to do which is to be kind to other creature...on top of that...this is also one of an option of doing the sedekah or donation...we notice that there are a lots of begger or people asking for donation for various of reasons..however there is a doubt on the integrity of the purposes as we already aware of the existance of many syndicate that using this begger to collect money for them....thus...from my own pov, helping animals is the smarter ways of making donation...

oryte, thats all for now...see u on our next mission...bye bye =)

~ Baby Musangggg Revealed!!!~

TADAAAAA!!!!!! =) Lets met anak musanggg =)

We call him Musang Kecik =) huhu cute x?....kaler dia sebijik warna ayah dia Musangg =) just wondering sape la mak dia agaknye...tapi kan...musang kecik ni pendiam la sesangat...hurmmm susah sangat nak dgr dia bunyi...x mcm bapak dia (+_+)...

Tapi Zana risau sebab musang kecik ni supposedly still menyusu ngan mak dia...but since dia da ikut musang, dia x dapat la menyusu...adoiii....kesian kucing la...musang kan jantan...mane la bole susukan dia..(=_='') musang kecik ni jadi kurang aktif sesangat...cian dia....

Last week Abah call....Abah cakap musang kecik da xde...dia ikut musang jalan2 then trus x balik umah =( sedih sangat...x dapt nak main2 lama2 ngan dia....x tau la mane dia g...just hope musang pulangkan balik musang kecik kat mak dia...sedih sangat bile musang kecik ilang...but just hope that Allah lindungi musang kecik (^_^)...apapun cian kat musang...x de legasi kau kat umah ni huhu...

Monday, 22 October 2012

~ Musanggg ~


Today i really want to share about my cat =) lets meet abang musang...huhu...actually musang ni stray cats yang abah kutip dekat simpang felda...huhu...masa 2 musang ni anak kucing lagi..and from that time...bermulalah kehidupan musang dkt umah kitaorg....

it must be quite strange why we call him musang kan?...haha actually it come from abah....abah zana nampak je kucing belang2 terus panggil musang...ayat abah mcm nila..." ish ish...besonye musang!"...if nampak kucing  belang betina abah panggil musang betina...if nampak anak kucing warna belang abah panggil anak musang (^_^'') hahahah abah saya memang comel....

haaa ni la ckt sebanyak biodata pasal si musang ni =)

              Nama : Musang  
              Baka : Kucing kampung baka besar...hehe
              Berat : approximate 5 Kg ( musang besar! mostly kucing kampung kecik2 tapi musang besar)
              Umur : da dekat 5 tahun...da tua dah musang
              Makanan Favourite : Donut mak!
              Hobi: Belasah kucing lain n menggatal ( normal la 2)

What is very special about this cat is...Musang sangat senang ingat orang yang suka bagi dia makan...x kira la brapa lama dia x jumpa org 2...kat umah memang zana n abah yang slalu bagi dia makan....tapi zana jarang balik sebab dulu study kat segamat n now stay s.alam...but each time balik time cuti sem...musang mesti cari zana sebab nak mintak makan...huhu terharu sangat sebab saya diingati  oleh seekor binatang yang xde akal...tapi punya hati yg kadang2 jauh lagi baik dari manusia...subhanallah...

Excited sangat nak balik umah this upcoming aidiladha..sebab aritu abah call...abah cakap musang bawak balik anak! whaattt??? how could it be???? hehe x sabar nak tgk anak musang....t bila da jumpa dpn mata...zana update be continued....



Saturday, 20 October 2012

Assalam =)


....saya x tau dari mana datangnya ilham tetiba nak buat blog ni...x alih2 tgn rasa gatal nak tekan button create blog...huhu...Hai...saya zana...ACCA graduate from UiTM =)....really nice to share my stories n xperience with anybody who are interested...

dats all for now ( huhu da ngantuk) besok kita sambung lagi...huhu bye!